Designer Leggings and Lycra Leggings

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Designer Leggings 

Leggings have conquered the market and are seen to be replacing the traditional salwars. Initially leggings were worn for the purpose of comfort from seasonal variations or for exercise. However, they evolved in patterns and fashions and are now worn as bottom wears. The fashion world is also getting innovations in the legging designs and creative designs have been introduced by eminent designers. We are leggings wholesalers in India.

suppliers of designer leggings indiaLeggings are available in designer varieties in numerous designs and patterns. These leggings can be flaunted off with designer kurtis or with simple ones too. There are lace leggings and ones with embroidery too. Designer leggings differ from the usual ones in designs, prints and patterns. The patterns may vary from skin-tight leggings to the straight fit churidar ones. Leggings with animal print, floral print, and denim leggings also occur in designer patterns. Thus designer leggings could be those that go in with traditional rich kurtis and there are designer leggings with latest prints and cuts that suit the modern wear. We are leggings suppliers and dealers in Mumbai and deal in wholesale designer leggings.


Lycra Leggings

Lycra, which is also known as Spandex or elastane is a synthetic fabric that is well known for its elasticity. This stretch and snap back fabric was long confined to sportswear but now is widely used in various varieties of leggings as well. These leggings are durable and offer comfort fitting. We provide leggings wholesale varieties in Mumbai.

Leggings wholesale indiaLycra leggings also occur in several varieties and combinations. You can opt for cotton Lycra varieties that offer comfort as casual wear or you can buy specialized gym Lycra leggings that can be worn with a sports tee. Fashion touch can be obtained in lace Lycra that occurs in bright and pastel shades. The metallic Lycra is in trend and offers a super sleek fit. You can get bright neon prints in Lycra that glow in UV light and occur with a comfortable waist band. They occur as tight and full leggings, as plain and printed varieties. We deal in wholesale boutique clothing in Mumbai and provide Lycra leggings at wholesale prices.