Jeggings is the marriage of leggings and jeans. A wonderful fitting that is not bulky as denims and at the same time not a simple fitting like leggings. It gives the simple beautiful look of denims with a great fit.

But there are a few rules you have to play by when you wear jeggings. As it gives a complete fit, you cannot wear it with a short top or a jacket. This would not only look tacky but would give it a banished look. You need to wear a top that would come below your bottoms and then probably pair it with a short jacket. Complete fitting tops again are a no-no. They have to be a bit loose and fastened with a rope belt or a thin shiny belt.

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Another pointer for wearing jeggings is wearing the right footwear. You need to purchase the right pair of shoes to make it look best on you. Boots look the best with this style of tights. They accentuate the very skinny fits and make you look taller too.
Be a bit careful when you wearing it to a formal do. As they are precariously skinny and could get you adaged as tacky. But if worn with care then it could make you look modern and pretty hot.