The Kaftan today has metamorphosed into what is modern and stylish. It is teemed up with salwars, jeans, leggings and jeggings. So it is quite a user friendly outfit. Depending on the quality you can wear to office, a day out or even a formal celebration.

Kaftans were born out of tunics, worn by the various cultures around the world. They were long and would reach almost upto the ankles. The kings and their aides always wore Kaftans. And ofcourse they were more embroidered and tailor made. The salwar was a common compliment to it with a loose jacket over it and a thick sash around it.

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You need to be a bit selective when you pick up Kaftans as not only does the material but even the colour matters a lot. Kaftans are mostly printed and look best in the mixed print, but self colour has its own charm. Moreover as they can be worn to any function formal or informal, you must have a few of them in your wardrobe. To buy wholesale kaftans in Mumbai, India look no further than out catalogue.