Comfortable clothes that are worn in the night are called nightwear. Unlike your daywear, these clothes need to be loose and comfortable because they lead you to get a good nourishing night sleep. If you are not comfortable with your night attire forget about a good sleep as you will keep adjusting your clothes to get comfortable.

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Let’s understand some more styles of nightwear than the usual nightgown:
Adult onesie – these are complete one dress attires that an adult can wear. Very similar to the baby ones. From toe to neck you are completely covered. More preferred in winter seasons, these are nightwear’s that keep you warm and help you avoid the additional layers of clothes that you would have to wear.

Babydoll: this is one short slightly flare dress kind of a nightwear mostly made of sheer or something soft. It could come with an overcoat or without. It is slightly loose fitting and ends above the knee.

Negligee – this is a long nightgown made of sheer or lace. It is made even more feminine with bows and frills.

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