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cotton leggings india

 Printed Leggings  … constitute one of the major categories in legging varieties. There are endless varieties and designs of printed leggings available for ladies of all the age groups. Some of the designs can also be picked as a perfect match for your kurti or tunic. The prints range in endless varieties from floral, animal, graphic, digital, pattern prints and many other varieties. We are fashion leggings  dealers in India.

The patterns of the printed leggings also vary. There are skinny, stretch and tight fit leggings. There are casual, elastic and stretch fit pants. The leggings have diverse textures that range from glossy, matte, soft and metallic as well. Based on the print and texture, you can select the legging for the appropriate type of kurta or kurti as well. Owing to various colors and patterns, a printed legging can go along with various tops and hence is preferred. The price range shows fluctuations based on the texture and quality. We are wholesalers of printed leggings in India and provide printed leggings at wholesale prices in Mumbai.


Cotton Leggings  ..are one of the most comfortable attire. Similarly, they are available in casual and function wear varieties as well. So you can just pull a casual cotton legging, combine it with a casual top or kurti and get ready for casual outings. Alternatively, you can shop for a costly designer high quality cotton legging and combine it with a decent designer top and dupatta and show off at a formal occasion. We deal in cotton Lycra stretchable leggings at wholesale prices in Mumbai.

 Cotton leggings occur as pure cotton varieties and also in combination with fabrics like silk and Lycra too. They may be plain with a wide range of colors or may occur in a wide range of fabulous prints. Printed and plain cotton leggings are equally popular for their own advantages. Cotton leggings offer comfort in all types of climates and in every type of fits like slim fit and casual fits. Cotton leggings can be worn with short and long length kurta, kurtis, shirts and tops too. We are legging wholesalers in Mumbai and deal in cotton leggings at wholesale prices.